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About Rescon Partners                                        

Rescon Partners  is a Research & Management Consulting Firm focusing on Business Research, Corporate Strategy, Balanced Scorecard and Process adoption.

Job Description                                        

Team Leader’s primary role will be to lead Rescon’s research team and maintain client relationships. The research team works on multiple assignments for clients from multiple countries and delivers business research and analysis on companies and industries across the world. Specific expectations from a Team Leader will be:

  1. Client Management: The Team Leader should have excellent communication skills to be able to effectively communicate with international clients, be able to respond to client queries and expectations, display on the spot problem solving skills, negotiate deadlines for research deliveries, engage client in knowledge sharing and expand business with the same client.

    The Team Leader, once having established himself/herself in the role, will also play an active role in developing further business for Rescon Partners; if s/he desires to do so.

  2. Project Execution & Delivery: The TL will manage research delivery through the team; support findings with suitable research and analysis and present findings in a well synthesized manner. S/he will be responsible for quality and timely delivery of research to client and over a period of time, will manage clients on his/her own. As a prerequisite, Team Leader should keep an eye on changing business policies and regulations, generate deeper knowledge of business statements, be quickly able to identify areas of expected impact on a company’s business due to change in macroeconomic, political and business environment etc.

    In addition TL will also deliver research with at least 40% of time being client billable.

  3. Team Management: The TL will be responsible for the quality and timeliness of team’s delivery. TL will also be responsible for overall moral and motivation of the team. Not only s/he will always observe highest professional standards and comply with Rescon values, at all times, s/he will also ensure that all team members see him / her as role model. Monthly appraisal of team members will be the responsibility of the TL.

  4. Knowledge Management: Team Leader is expected to demonstrate expertise in business concepts & frameworks and display knowledge of evolving trends in various different industries. This should be demonstrated through knowledge delivery in client and team interactions. In addition, Team Leader will be responsible for knowledge creation, storage and dissemination within the team.

  5. Operations: Team Leader is expected to draw processes for the team, ensure processes are always up to date; define quality checklist and ensure team’s adherence to processes and checklist to quickly process error free research & analysis.

  • Suitable candidate for this position should possess Leadership qualities and where team members can see s/he as a role model to follow. This would require not only highest level of subject matter competence but also a person who is excellent in interpersonal relationships.

  • Backed up with strong academics, the candidate should be able to read, interpret and identify business trend and impact on a company’s business and financial numbers quickly. Agility with business numbers is must. While it is business research profile, a good understating of interpreting financial statements is a must. Training received from a Management consulting organization, or having supported management consultants with analysis will be an advantage

  • Candidate should have excellent command over communication skills – both oral and written.

  • Advance understanding of productivity tools like Excel and Power point is a pre-requisite.

  • Also this position, being a part of a start-up unit needs entrepreneurial spirit, strong team spirit, flexibility to adapt to ever changing business environment and “never say die” attitude.

  • Candidates possessing a B.E/B.Tech followed by a Post Graduate degree (CFA or MBA) with specialization in Finance or Marketing from premier institutes.

  • Excellent academic record – 80%+ in X and XII, I Division in Graduation and 7.5+ CGPA in MBA. For candidates who appeared for professional exams in XII, the 80% requirement can be relaxed depending on rest of the academic track record.

  • Relevant ~36 months of Business Analysis experience from a KPO/ Management Consulting firms will be given preference.


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