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  Sai Sriram Viswanadha and Deepasana Mohanty both the founders did their MBA from ICFAI business school in Bengaluru before joining hands for Geldwickx. They trained people in the stock market trading and helped them to start making their own money through the share market. They got together for a startup with a curious name “Geldwickx”, whose main aim is to create financial independence for people who get in touch with them. Geldwickx means ‘money from the candle’ in the German language! Founders Sai Sriram Viswanadha and Deepasana Mohanty literally burnt both ends of the candle to make their startup success and help others succeed as well. After all, who doesn’t want a second source of income! That is why, in the ongoing lockdown when the market is reeling under stress, they have still managed to train more than a hundred people in the stock market trading and earn a second income for themselves. All those success stories are shared on their social media profiles including on Instagram and YouTube.


  But more than training these aspirants to a better life, the challenge before the Geldwickx team was to create awareness about stock markets as people believe more myths than facts about this line of business. The Geldwickx team of analysts has been involved in the financial domain for more than four years. The company website states, “We believe in sharing the knowledge that we have gained working for international trading and investing firms in an easy to understand manner, which will help you to take a well-planned step to financial freedom.” Among the multiple services that the company offers, main are -

Stock Market Training
Investment Planning
Advisory Services


Describing their work process, Sai Sriram Viswanadha and Deepasana Mohanty explain, “The strategies that we have developed ourselves and have proven fruitful to us will be passed on to you so that you need not reinvent the wheel. We have over 100 clients across the globe which stands as our best testimonial.”Geldwickx is considered to be a knowledge-initiating the platform used to educate and guide the uninitiated about the concepts of financial freedom.






  Anabil Goswami (37) and Arindom Hazarika (35), both from Guwahati share a common love for pork. They met at IBS Hyderabad while pursuing an MBA. In 2013, they quit their corporate jobs to set up Arohan Foods with their first love — Assam and pork — as the common denominator.


  "We explored many areas — sericulture, mushroom, tourism, etc. But all discussions would end over a plate of pork. So we decided, why not pork,” Goswami recently told BusinessLine in Guwahati. Now, their company sells every day approximately four tonnes of processed pork products — sausages, salami, etc — under the brand ‘Choice Pork Natural’. While the products are available across the country, 70 per cent of the sales happens in the North-East States.


North-East would be your natural choice if you are selling pork, which is the preferred source of protein in the region. Raw pork (at ₹280 a kg) out-pricesbeef and chicken. Mutton is costlier but that is more due to availability issues. “Both production and consumption is the highest in the North-East,” Goswami says, quoting a local proverb that “Mizo women take better care of pigs than their husbands".



  http://m.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/agri-business/arohan-foods-porks-out- on-the-northeast/article9928328.ece



  Prateek Mahesh, an alumni from the Class of 2006 along with his friends Abhishek Singh and Saurav Sinha has started   www.cabonclick.com an e-taxi stand.


  CABonCLICK is an online aggregator for cab-taxis and car rental inventory in India. The main aim is to organize the current scattered cab-taxi service space through market innovation and technological advancement. It is an online platform that connects customers and cab vendors to provide high quality cab service at most competitive and affordable rates with transparency in terms of pricing and service delivery.


  They are operational in Hyderabad and plan to reach all metro cities in next 12-18 Months. You can also visit and like CabonClick's Facebook page www.facebook.com/CABonCLICK




Akhil Bharadwaj, an alumni from the Class of 2007, IBS Chandigarh started a firm by name ALPHA CAPITAL in 2010 after a stint experience in private banking. Being an entrepreneur has always been Akhil's dream and he achieved it at anearly age of life. Alpha Capital is an advisory solution for affluent individuals and families who desire a complete wealth management plan. One that is built upon objectivity, accountability and innovative solutions.


Visit the company's website: www.alphacapital.in




Gaurav Chauhan and Harjas Wadhwa from the Class of 2005, IBS Gurgaon have launched an online adventure travel start up www.OutThing.com OutThing aims to bring adventure sports closer to everyone. They have tied up with leading adventure tour operators from all over India to bring different adventure activities like trekking, rafting, biking, skiing, scuba diving, paragliding, bungee jumping etc. under one roof. Here you can find off beat tours like caving in Meghalaya, rafting in Zanskar, scuba diving in Lakshdweep or homestay in Uttarakhand.


On OutThing.com you can do your adventure travel research, compare different tours and book online through credit card, net banking or cash on delivery. Visit the facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/OutThing



  Nilanjan Jana from the Class of 2008, IBS Pune has started a Risk Consultancy: Insightful   Intelligence Consultancy Private Limited.It is a young management consulting firm   incorporated in India, helping the world’s leading companies in mitigating the risks in today’s   volatile business environment.
  They assist clients with insights and intelligence of the prevailing business environment and   existing competitive dynamics, which help them to grow their business by minimizing the risks   and out-perform their competitors.




  Sonia Dubey, Class of 2009, IBS Pune  launched bPOSH a year back with a simple & strong   belief that a positive personal & professional image can be created while sticking to your   personal style.


  Sonia is a certified Image consultant trained from Image Consulting Business Institute. She   started her career with GfK Mode as a Research Ananlyst and worked there for almost two   years before starting bPosh.


 Bposh is headquartered at Mumbai with operations in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata,   Ahmedabad, Indore and Bhopal. Some of the services offered at bPosh are.


Personal Consulting: A completely customized solutions to the needs of the clients with a   personal dedicated Image Consultant along with a team of professionals.


Educational Solutions: A comprehensive program structured to help the students project a powerful image and get the best job & successful career.


Corporate Solutions: Custom programs based on companies needs for its employees as per their functions & objectives.


Group Solutions: Creating needs based programs for groups, organizations, communities or clubs etc.


Reach Sonia at sonia.dubey@bposh.in



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