Fee Details

IBS Campus Fee for 2 Years *
(Rs. in Lakhs)
IBS Hyderabad
MBA Program (2024 – 2026)
IBS Bangalore(Off Campus of IFHE)
MBA Program (2024 – 2026)
IBS Ahmedabad  






PGPM Program (2024 – 2026)

IBS Gurgaon
IBS Kolkata
IBS Mumbai
IBS Pune
IBS Dehradun
MBA Program (2024 – 2026)
IBS Jaipur
IBS Hyderabad
PhD Program – Full Time / Part Time (2024 – 2028)

Full Time PhD students have to pay only Rs. 40,000 towards
admission fee.They get full waiver of tution fee of Rs. 60,000
per semester for 8 semesters subject to academic performance

* In addition,students have to pay Rs 10,000 as refundable caution deposit along with the 1st installment of fee across all the campuses.Living expenses are extra.

For IBS Hyderabad Campus :- Students have to pay Rs. 4000 as Convocation Fee with the 5th Installment of Fee.

You can apply for an education loan to fund your education at IBS. For more info about IBS education loan partners please
click here (to be linked to the education loan page).