Leadership Development

IBS aims to transform students into leaders of tomorrow’s businesses and this development takes place continuously on the IBS campuses. The structure of the Management Program, the corresponding soft-skills training and the experience of handling events and responsibility brings out the leader in the student.

Case method: The case method puts you in the decision makers’ seats and poses the questions. It teaches one to draw insights from pure data and take decisions in the absence of complete data. The person leading the case discussion is a decision maker and the rest of the class will support and push the analysis of the case to the extent possible. The focus is on coming to a decision for the situation in the case with analysis of facts and a 360 degree view.

Soft skills: A leader creates his/her vision for the organisation and communicates it effectively to the rest of the organisation. The soft-skills training at IBS will enable the students to judge their communication abilities. There is also a focus on improving the EQ of our future leaders so that they are able to deal with the human element of running organisations.

Extracurricular activities: The students are encouraged to participate in a multitude of extracurricular activities so that they come out as well-rounded individuals. Organising cultural events, talks by stalwarts of the industry and a variety of on-campus activities give the students the chance to manage events, take responsibility for their success and become better, more experienced leaders.