Learning Methodology

The learning methodology at IBS is based on continuous learning. We are always learning from our surroundings and the events that are taking place around us.

IBS is one of the very few management schools in India to have a 100% case method focus. This method puts the students in the decision-making position and gives their analysis the edge of real-world sensibilities. The case method, made famous by the Harvard Business School, is used world over by leading management institutes. The case method adopts the Socratic way of learning. In this method, questions are posed one after the other and alternatives are debated over. This kind of learning is not one-to-many as in a lecture but many-to-many with both teachers and students taking the analysis forward.

In the networked world of today, communication skills are becoming very important. A manager’s main role is to communicate his/her vision and strategy to others and get them to work with him/her towards that vision. IBS places special importance on the communication and interpersonal skills of the leaders that it sends out into the business world. The students’ skills are tested and then fine-tuned through a rigorous yet informal method of learning through doing.

The learning methodology at IBS is drawn from the best in the world, has evolved over the years and is constantly being updated and benchmarked against the best. Come join in the transformation that awaits you at IBS!