Extracurricular Activities

‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ is a Latin proverb that means ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body’. In order to keep up with the rigorous curriculum and demanding workload at IBS, it is necessary that students are able to look after their health and let out steam once in a while. In order to transform students into healthy managers, with all-round development, IBS provides a multitude of opportunities for sports and other extracurricular activities.

There is much more to learn outside the classroom and lot of chances for interactions with fellow students. Every student on campus leaves not just with a degree but also with friendships and bonds that last a lifetime. The student community at IBS is truly diverse; the students come from different states, social and cultural backgrounds, and walks of life. As they become a part of the IBS community, they get an unparalleled exposure to different cultures, languages and ways of living.

Several student activities are directed towards extending the classroom learning experience. Such activities include organizing seminars on contemporary management issues, publishing in-house magazines, organizing guest lectures, and organizing and participating in inter-business school competitions.

Similarly, academic clubs and committees provide a platform for students to make management a part of their daily lives. Industry leaders are invited to the clubs to deliver talks on contemporary issues. The clubs and committees organize quizzes and debates, and meet frequently to discuss new ideas, issues, and developments in their areas of interest.

Students participate in sports and games at the well equipped Sports Activities Center as well as the swimming pool on campus. It provides much needed relaxation, exercise as well as a chance to compete and work as a team.

Students also participate successfully in national and international inter-business school competitions. Two MBA students won the Second prize in the prestigious Baylor-USASBE Student Case Research Competition organized by the Baylor University Entrepreneurship Programme and United States association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship in South Carolina, in January 2011.

Students also contribute to the world around them through social service projects, such as organizing blood donation camps and environmental protection programmes.

Events organized by Student Clubs
Events organized by Student Clubs
Student Club Focus
Admire Advertising and Promotions Club
Convergence (HR Club) Guest Lectures, Debates Soft Skills Workshop
DIATRIBE (Rock Band Club) Rock Music
DOT Club Awareness about technological advancements
ECOBIZZ (Economics and Business Club) Big Fights, Business Plan Competitions, Guest Lectures, Quiz Competitions etc.
Infinity Entertainment Zone for the Students
KAIZEN (Operations Management Club) Guest Lectures
MACON (Creative Thinking Club) Forum for young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and creative minds
MAVERICK (Marketing Club) Business Plan Competitions, Guest Lectures, Debates
MONEY MATTERS (Finance Club) Guest Lectures, Debates, Quizzes, Panel Discussion
PRAKRITI (Environment Club) Awareness on Environment
PURNA SUTRA (Forum for Alumni Interaction) Awareness on Summer internships, MOCK Interviews, Alumni Meets
SAMAVESH (Cultural Club) Cultural Events
StockYard (Stocks & Equity Club) Knowledge provider about stocks trading
Stu-Z (Web Space) Downloading innumerable movies and TV Shows
VAPS (Sports Club) Facilities for games like cricket,throwball, badminton, basketball, football, table tennis, volleyball, etc.
XpressionZ (Theatre Club) For fostering creativity and budding talent
YES (Your Efforts for Society (Social Service Club) Blood Donation, Dental Checkups, Awareness Program on AIDS, etc.