Accelerated Transition to Blended Online Learning

With an intention to prevent the academic year loss for students, IBS has accelerated transition to blended online learning and transformed its teaching, learning and assessment into more engaging and impactful, by redesigning the courses with a thoughtful blend of synchronous and asynchronous modes of learning. IBS online learning is a blend of both formats

IBS, a pioneer in technology–enabled learning, introduced Quicforce, its Learning Management System (LMS), based on “Moodle” platform in 2012. This advantage helped IBS make a rapid and smooth transition to blended online learning and added significant advantages to faculty and students during this pandemic period

Since all faculty members are very well versed with Quicforce, the transition to Blended On-line Learning has been smooth at IBS. A comprehensive online training session was conducted to the students to familiarize them with session’s delivery by LMS, which enabled students to understand and access IBS LMS online platform for accessing courses, participate in activities, submit assignments, quizzes etc.

IBS is delivering the program through live sessions in an interactive mode. Post-live session, learning reflections are accessed by formative assessments through LMS-enabled mode for around 6000+ students.

The content of all courses was provided online to all students in advance to facilitate easy grasping and traversal with the faculty members in comprehending the management education. LMS mobile app helped students to receive notifications and alerts. In addition, physical text books were provided to student by sending them to their door-step.

Examinations and evaluations are being conducted through Quicforce platform without compromise in achieving the set benchmarks of IBS academic delivery.