Management Education Is An Investment Of Money And Time As Well

- YK Bhushan, senior adviser and Campus Head, IBS - ICFAI Business School, Mumbai

If one looks back at the life of a student say three decades ago, we will find that the journey undertaken by these young adults was quite different from what students face today. A current day scenario offers a lot of opportunities for the student, but it’s also more challenging than ever before.

Right from kindergarten to postgraduate studies, students are expected to perform their utmost best both by the parents and the institution alike. Marks, grades, percentage is the only criteria that matters. However, even as a majority of institutions continue this practise, IBS (ICFAI Business School) believes in doing things differently.

YK Bhushan, senior advisor and Campus Head, IBS Mumbai spoke to BW Education about the different selection process the B-school follows. Here are the excerpts of the interaction. Read More