Dr. Muddu Vinay, with a robust background in academia and leadership, brings a wealth of experience guiding institutions towards excellence. His accreditation by QS underscores his commitment to quality education and global standards. As a Certified Academic Leader, he has proficiency in steering educational institutions towards success.

Dr Vinay has received a Commendation Certificate Award from Presidency University Bangalore in 2022 for outstanding academic contributions. He was also recognised at the Emerald Literati Awards 2022 for exemplary research and scholarly work. He has been the Chairperson of the NAAC and NBA Peer Expert Committee, contributing to enhancing educational quality and accreditation standards. During his tenure as a Vice Chancellor of ICFAI University Dehradun from 2018-2021, he led initiatives to foster academic excellence and student success in the form of Expert Accreditation’s National and International World Ranking with SDG’s Intellectual capital. He has received multiple awards commensurate to his academic leadership.